e2 Yoga and Fitness was founded with the belief that everyone needs balance, community and support in order to succeed. We’ve tailored our fitness schedule to offer small group classes that facilitate one-on-one personal attention as well as create an opportunity for our members to get to know each other.


e2 also offers nutritional guidance so each member has the continued opportunity for health and weight loss changes outside of the gym. Each aspect of e2 is catered to the individual within a small group setting. The combination of support, challenging classes and teamwork has proven to yield significant results for our members in not only inches and pounds, but also empowerment, peace and Self love.



Erin Maris
Erin MarisOwner & Founder

Erin’s life passion has been helping people find their very best selves through fitness. For 30 years, she has taught a wide range of classes including Pilates, kickboxing, yoga, strength training, water aerobics, spin and many others.

Erin is certified in kettle bell training, personal training, 500RYT yoga, pilates, kickboxing, spin and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She also creates classes and teaches for the College of Health Sciences at UW-Milwaukee. Erin’s favorite healthy meal is sautéed spinach and sweet potatoes in balsamic vinaigrette and she always ends her day with honey and tea before bed. Her favorite activities are hiking and kayaking.
Hannah Potratz
Hannah PotratzInstructor

Hannah is a kickboxing, bootcamp, barre and group strength instructor. She has been personal training since she was 21 and has always had a passion for improving the lives of others through fitness.

Hannah is a certified by AFAA in personal training, has her certification in Barre and holds a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In her free time, Hannah loves walking her dog, hiking and riding horses. She is a vegetarian and absolutely loves home-made crunch wraps.
Fabienne (Fabi) Fonteneau
Fabienne (Fabi) FonteneauInstructor

Fabi’s journey into yoga started with curiosity -and chance – as a means of staying active. Trying something new was her first motivation. The well-being sensation she felt after her first Savasana made her want more.

That was the beginning of a regular practice that eventually led her to seek for a deeper knowledge of the yoga philosophy. What started as a simple interest turned out to be something that changed her life as she signed up for the 200 hr YTT with Meg Galarza at Yoga One Studio. As a teacher her hope is that every student experiences the “feel-good” sensation leaving the studio, feeling renewed, at peace with their mind & body.
Melissa Miller
Melissa MillerStudio Coordinator

Melissa is a Studio Coordinator and Concert Photographer for Shoot the Moon Photography. She has always had a love of music and as her passion for fitness grew she decided to become a certified fitness/dance instructor.

WERQ is a cardio dance class that found inspiration in the roots of hip hop and pop music. When Melissa discovered WERQ, she jumped at the opportunity to become a certified WERQ instructor. She is now WERQ certified and loves teaching and sharing the fun classes with all of our members. Her love for music and dance is infectious! Her WERQ classes are combined with cardio dance moves that will have you torching calories in an energetic way and learning moves that you can take out to any party. Besides photography and dance, Melissa loves to spend time with her friends and family. Don’t miss out on her super fun class!
Shelby Berlin
Shelby BerlinInstructor

Shelby has always been passionate about working out. She is a black belt, has run half-marathons, and enjoys competitive sports. Recently, Shelby was drawn to kickboxing classes and weight lifting which are her absolute favorite.

Shelby teaches kickboxing and body sculpt and you’ll often catch her in class as well. To stay energized throughout the day, Shelby’s go-to snack is bell peppers and grilled chicken!
Nathen Kontny
Nathen KontnyInstructor

Nathen was a high school and collegiate swimmer that was into CrossFit after graduation. Crossfit led him to Olympic weightlifting, in which he received his coaching certification in 2015.

He currently lives on Brady street in Milwaukee with his fiance, Kristi, and their little puppy Lily.

Brittany White
Brittany WhiteInstructor

Running, yoga, skiing, water-skiing, biking, kickboxing, pilates, tennis and golf are a “few” of the ways Brittany enjoys spending her time. She even ran her first marathon this year!

Brittany has always loved to start her day by moving so that she can end it by relaxing! She has competed in triathlons, 5Ks and half-marathons and likes to have a race on the calendar for motivation, and for the feelings of accomplishment after completion. Brittany is a teacher and reading specialist by trade and is a certified instructor through AFAA. She believes in having fun while working out and likes to leave each work-out feeling emotionally, physically, and spiritually stronger than she was when she started.
Marie Stangl
Marie StanglInstructor

Marie’s love of yoga began as a child and has continued to be a true source of connection to grace and freedom. As a mom of two boys and a full-time career, yoga offered her self-care and joy.

Marie received her official RYT200 at Kohler’s Yoga on the Lake. And speaking of lakes, keep your eyes open for some paddleboard yoga field trips because Marie loves to practice yoga on her paddleboard.

Fun Fact: Marie stands on her head during Packer games!

Brooke Lund
Brooke LundPersonal Trainer - Instructor

Brooke has always loved fitness and learning more about it. Brooke plays soccer, participates in Crossfit, and loves to hike, and run in 5k’s.

She is currently studying Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a huge animal lover and spends her free time volunteering for a pit-bull rescue. Brooke is also a cat mom. She loves to motivate, empower, and challenge others.
Ryan Jacobus
Ryan JacobusInstructor

Ryan specializes in yoga and meditation. He loves integrating aspects of mind, body, and spirit in a relaxing yet challenging practice of yoga.

He earned his 200 hour YTT certification in 2015 at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, where he spent an additional four months learning the deeper aspects of yogic practice and immersing himself into all he had to offer. These days, Ryan uses that knowledge to continue deepening his own practice and to assist others in doing the same. On a personal level, Ryan enjoys playing tennis, going for runs, and spending time outside, especially in the summer! He also loves to cook food with friends, and is fluent in Spanish.
Amanda Mikesell
Amanda MikesellInstructor

Amanda Mikesell has over 900 hours of yoga training including Trauma Informed 140 RYT, Ayurveda 100 RYT, Therapeutic, Nidra, Sound & Mantra, & Pre/Post Natal.

Her experience extends from veterans to seniors and addiction recovery to beginner yogis. Amanda’s wealth of knowledge means that she can teach to all levels and hold them in a place of loving support and guidance. Her classes include a variety of styles drawn from Pranayam, Therapeutic Asana and Mindfulness Meditation.
Kendall Wangman
Kendall WangmanInstructor

Kendall is a uplifting spirit in a tiny package. She loves teaching yoga and has a background in barre as well as senior fitness classes.

Kendall enjoys challenging her students to learn something new about themselves and their bodies in each class.
Pam Frydman
Pam FrydmanInstructor

Pam believes that yoga has healing benefits for every body at every age. She sees herself as a yoga guide helping others find the balance
of body, mind and spirit that leads to health and well being.

Pam loves seeing the magic that happens both on and off the mat as a result of a sustainable yoga practice.

Pam’s RYT200 yoga training is in Integrative Yoga. This type of yoga combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern wellness knowledge. She continues to expand her knowledge base in areas such as; Restorative Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain, Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders, and Mindfulness Meditation.

She loves to cook whole foods for herself and others to nourish the body and soul, be in nature especially her garden and, travel near and far. Pam feels most fulfilled when she sees brighter, lighter and more peaceful yogis take the lessons they learned on the mat into their daily lives.

Lauren Wein
Lauren WeinInstructor

After traveling abroad to receive her yoga certification, Lauren is excited to share her knowledge with others.

Shifting her career focus towards teaching yoga, Lauren is also an accredited yoga instructor for UW-Milwaukee.
Madi Niedfeldt
Madi NiedfeldtInstructor

Madi received her 200 RYT training through Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara, CA. She began her practice as a way to encourage mind-body connection in all aspects of life.

Madi graduated with a BS in Psychology at the University of Alabama and hopes to incorporate her love for yoga into her future graduate school studies. She loves traveling and photography and hopes to visit every National Park within the next few years!

The Balanced approach to fitness

Let us be your guides to your best self ” – Erin Maris