October 2019

Yoga: A Must-Have for College Students


By Madi Niedfeldt | Published 15 October 2019 As a college student, it’s important to stay organized to succeed. Students are known to have a never-ending list of things to do and people to see. Between pressure to succeed, financial strain, and a demanding social life, it may seem impossible [...]

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August 2019

Six Ways to Balanced Wellness


By Team E2 | Published 12 August 2019 With only 1/3 of 2019 left, it is time to reboot, re-evaluate, and reset our eating habits as we finish up the summer season of fun, picnics, and family and friends gathering together. When it comes to eating, it is about eating smart and [...]

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July 2019

Pathway to Inner Peace: Yoga Helps Everything


By Team E2 | Published 2 July 2019 The science of why YOGA works YOGA teaches us to focus on our breath. With steady practice the layers of the cerebral cortex thicken over time. This is the part of the brain associated with learning, thinking, and understanding information. Think of it this [...]

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June 2019

Build Healthy Habits for Life


By Erin Maris | Published 11 June 2019 Learn The Three Prong Approach To Wellness at E2 Yoga and Fitness: E2’s Nutritional Support Team E2’s Balanced Fitness Plan E2’s Restorative Yoga for Deep Sleep Currently E2’s 30 day fitness class challenge mind and body support group is finishing up our 30 day [...]

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Your Introduction to Acupuncture


By Teresa Fons, LAc | Published 11 June 2019 Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. Sometimes we need Western medicine to step in when things are more serious, but for the most part, our bodies are always trying to find a way back to health. This also means our [...]

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Climb Your Mountain


By Hannah Potratz | Published 11 June 2019 The first step to creating change is to show up for yourself. We all have days where our legs feel like lead and our minds are experts in convincing us that our destructive habits are actually some twisted form of self-care. Those are the [...]

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