By Hannah Potratz | Published 11 June 2019

The first step to creating change is to show up for yourself. We all have days where our legs feel like lead and our minds are experts in convincing us that our destructive habits are actually some twisted form of self-care. Those are the days you need to go to the networking event, an extra athletic practice, your least favorite college course or the gym.  These days give us the opportunity to strengthen more than our bodies. You’re tearing yourself from the well-worn path of complacency with takeout dinners, late nights, and too much screen time, all shared with less-than-satisfying relationships and unfulfilling career choices. Every time you show up for yourself and make the healthier choice, often the harder choice, your mind becomes a little less easily assuaged. You start to set loftier goals and soon those goals don’t seem that tough to reach because you are walking the walk every day. From the bottom of the mountain, it sure looks like a long way up, but when you’re two feet from the peak, your feet are well traveled to take you those last few steps…and then there’s another mountain to climb. But first – You must show up.


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