Yes! The first class is free to first time visitors and local residents only.
You can sign up on our website, call or just show up 10min before class and let an instructor or the front desk know. We’ll give you a tour and have you sign an activity waiver before beginning class.
Working out barefoot allows our bodies to connect with the ground and facilitate in our alignment. You’re always welcome to wear socks, toe-socks, or foot-stickers. Outdoor Bootcamp does require outdoor shoes.
Arrive 5min before class. If you’re must to be late, please listen or check through the window as to not interrupt a centering exercise. Please avoid heavy perfumes or deodorant.
We provide group yoga mats as well as kickboxing gloves. Though we sanitize all of our facility and equipment, we highly recommend purchasing your own equipment which we do carry in studio. Yoga mats and gloves are personalized over many classes and fit our bodies.
Yes. All of our classes have modifications for exercises though there are some classes we suggest novices or those recovering from injury to work up to rather than jump right in.
Although we love kids and are a big community of moms and dads, we do not allow kids at the studio. If your kids are 13 and above, they are able to take a class with you after signing their own waiver with your signature. There is a daycare conveniently within our building if you’re looking for childcare.
Nutritional support is support in any way you need. Whether that’s a meal plan, texts and calls for accountability, setting you up with a healthy eating buddy, or going over goals. Any and all of this is included in your membership. All you need to do is speak to Hannah or Erin on setting up a time to meet. Meetings typically take about 30min-45min depending on how much information we need to go over.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!