By Team E2 | Published 2 July 2019

The science of why YOGA works

YOGA teaches us to focus on our breath. With steady practice the layers of the cerebral cortex thicken over time. This is the part of the brain associated with learning, thinking, and understanding information. Think of it this way: you train a bicep muscle to grow by lifting heavy weights and eventually with a diligent weightlifting program you get stronger. This is true of the brain as well. Over time the practice of YOGA alters and trains our mind to keep stress signals under control. In other words we become less reactive. YOGA promotes present moment joy, which translates to happiness and prosperity within the mind and body. With a regular practice of YOGA the chemical structure of our brain changes and allows for thoughts and emotions to balance. Serotonin and dopamine, the “happy” chemicals within our brain increase and the mind begins healing anxiety and some of our symptoms of depression can lessen.

Historically in eastern medicine and currently in western medicine yoga is being utilized as a type of therapy as it unifies the mind/body connection. Because of the massive benefits, yoga can be used as a healthy coping tool to deal with trauma, addiction recovery, and PTSD.

Yoga does more than just burn calories and increase flexibly; it allows for your brain and body to reach a state of balance and harmony.

YOGA on a philosophical level

When we change the way we see the world, the world changes. YOGA gives us the tools to move into connection with our truest being. Again and again, we slow down and notice our breath.

The clarity of Wisdom, the beauty of Compassion, and the strength of Knowledge wait patiently for us to greet them in silence. Wisdom waits like an old, trusted friend and in this sacred silence we hear our truth. The answers we seek are not outside, but rather within. It is this internal journey that settles the chatter of the mind and allows us the restoration of peace.

This is why we say, YOGA at its truest definition self-care; it is taking the time to tune into our body and our breath and tune out the would-haves and could-haves and should-haves and the distraction of the world. We come to the present moment. We rest in the landscape of a heart filling with gratitude. We learn that the connection in the present moment holds our peace and our happiness.

In our first class and all of the classes to follow we give our body permission to let go of tension and what no longer serves us. Yoga is the freedom from distractions and the liberation from past thought patterns that we habitually or thoughtlessly made redundant. With the discipline of a daily yoga and meditation practice we embrace our authentic self and the true understanding of our unique power and the resilience we can indeed find in each new moment.

At E2 Yoga and Fitness, we are proud to offer many subsets and styles of yoga. Visit our website at e2yogaand or call our studio: 262-302-4231 and reserve your free class. We love to see our members walk out distressed from their deep connective tissue releases in Yin Restorative Yoga or elevated and balanced in their energy after Vinyasa Flow. No matter which class you pick you will build and enhance the power of internal recognition. So power up in Power Yoga and feel your fitness levels soar or ease the day in Sivananda. Each instructor at e2 is committed to keeping you safe and challenged with the promise of guiding you and helping you feel restored and rebooted. There is no better place to meet yourself on your YOGA mat.



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