At E2 Yoga and Fitness, we believe there is a yogi in each of us. We invite all to participate in the variety of classes we offer. Additionally, we have workshops, private parties, small group and private one-on-one sessions. Everyone from beginners to high-performance athletes can expect to experience the many positives of yoga such as feeling invigorated, rejuvenated, cleansed, relaxed and peaceful.

Each day that we meet ourselves on the mat, we are guided to set an intention for our practice and connect to our breath. It is in this practice of yoga that we transform our bodies, our minds, and our lives. All we need to do is show up for it, and it shows up for us as we catch sight of our highest potential. When we keep our commitment to our yoga practice focusing in on the present moment, our personal resolve strengthens, and we come
to know the power that exists at the core of our being. Through our posture work and the journey to reaching the pose, we can tune in to our bodies. We use yoga as a diagnostic tool to gain biofeedback which helps us understand which adjustments we need to make in our alignment both on and off the mat.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Move with your breath and find your drishti in this faster-paced flow that will offer variations and modifications to be challenging. You will be introduced to foundational yoga postures and be taught how to breathe. Expect to be challenged mentally and physically. This class will be powerful, moving and energetic. Students will fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to their movements.


Yin Deep Stretch Yoga

Deep stretch focuses on specific stretches that allows the muscles to relax and lengthen. This is a great yoga practice for those with extremely tight muscles, recovering from an injury or athletes. Reduce tension and fix imbalances as you are guided through poses designed to stretch muscle groups. Watch your alignment, joint mobility, and flexibility improve while attending this relaxing class.


Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings and Back

This yoga class focuses specifically on lengthening, opening and strengthening these common problem areas so that members will feel relief from pains and symptoms of these commonly misaligned and overly tight body parts.



This class is the yoga for “non-yogis.” End your week on a happy note with TGIF Yoga, which includes plenty of instruction and upbeat music. This class is ideal for beginners or those who are looking to wake up their bodies through stretch.


Power Yoga

Power Yoga is perfect for incorporating strength and athleticism into your practice. This is a great class for more advanced yogis and burns more calories than your traditional yoga class.


Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga is based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda. This type of
yoga has it’s basis in Hatha yoga focuses on health and wellness. We consider this practice one of our more restorative yogas as it emphasizes breathing and relaxation.


Aromatherapy Yoga

Using essential oils, we wake the senses to enhance our morning yoga
practice. Each essential oil has its own properties that assist us mentally, physically or emotionally to help us through the day. This is a great class to start off your morning! From Citrus Bliss to Lavender, you’ll find a new yoga practice each time.


Balancita Yoga

Balancita Yoga means “Strongly Stretched” and that’s exactly what this
class is. Using light weights, you will be guided through a yoga practice that lengthens as well as strengthens the muscle to create deeper muscle endurance within the poses. If you enjoy a workout, this is the yoga class for you.


Sunrise Yoga

Welcome the sun with Sunrise Yoga! This class is an invigorating yoga to
wake you for the day. Practice your breath and center yourself before moving into the world and take your sunshine with you from the yoga mat and beyond.


Slow Flow Power Yoga

Take your time through these strengthening poses. This is a perfect
introductory class to Power Yoga as it gives the yogi time to work into each pose!


Family Yoga

This is a playful yoga practice! For 45min, friends and family of members are invited to partake in a bonding, fun yoga class. We recommend ages five and up, though this is up to parental discretion. Check out our schedule for dates throughout the summer.


Cardio and Strength

E2 Yoga and Fitness houses a wide range of strength and cardio classes that help each member reach their goals without ever being bored.


Outdoor Bootcamp

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather with Outdoor Bootcamp! You’ll get a
fantastic workout using tires, ropes, sand bags, medicine balls, TRX and our sand pit! Every class is different! In order to participate, you must have a fitness assessment and be cleared by one of our instructors. This is a tough class on uneven outdoor terrain at times. You must wear outdoor appropriate shoes ie: running shoes as well as bring a water bottle and sunscreen.


Work up a sweat using Latin inspired dance moves set to popular music!
You’ll be smiling so hard you’ll forget you’re working out! There’s no need to know the moves. Gwen teaches at all levels so you’ll never feel left behind.



A low-impact, high-intensity toning class that lengthens and strengthens. Barre focuses on core, legs, glutes, and balance. Previous dance experience is not necessary. This is a perfect class for beginners looking to strengthen their bodies without heavy weights.


Platform Barre

For members who are looking for a little extra push out of their barre class, platform barre is taught on raised stability platforms that allow additional core and muscle work to improve balance, muscle definition and core strength. Other equipment such as glides and resistance balls are used for additional strength training and toning.


WERQ® Fitness

WERQ® with Melissa is a must. Torch calories and have a blast. We guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face. WERQ® is the newest cardio dance workout based off of pop and hip hop music. Sculpt your body in a high-energy, invigorating dance party. No dance background is necessary.


Kickboxing PLUS

Our trainers will help you torch between 400 and 700 calories in this
intense heavy bag kickboxing class. Fun music sets the pace for intense punching drills and kicks on the bag with bursts of plyometric and strength training work. This class will be spent sculpting your entire body! You will increase your cardio, strength, balance, agility, and flexibility through kickboxing. These classes are taught on padded floors. We highly recommend you bring your own pair of boxing gloves or they are available for purchase at our studio.


Kickboxing Express

Kickboxing Express is filled with boxing drills in a safe and fast paced
environment. Expect to sweat as we get you in, out and on your way after 30 minutes of high intensity cardio with an core finisher.


Body Sculpt

Body sculpt is a total body workout that uses light to heavy weights based on fitness level to tone and shape your body. Be prepared to work hard and work up a sweat as you gain the strength to move easier and rise to harder challenges.



This class is all about the name! You’ll be specifically working your core and glutes in this hybrid class that takes the best of weight lifting paired with the techniques of barre, resistance training, and Pilates. You’re guaranteed to feel the burn from your belly to your toes. When you’re ready, join in for Absoglutely Level 2 with the added factors of interval training and a faster paced class.


Body Sculpt Express

If you’re looking for an in-and-out workout, you need this express class! In 30 minutes, you’ll work every body part and be on your way after a great sweat session. There’s no such thing as “not enough time” when it comes to working out.



The goal with Pilates is to strengthen postural muscles and optimize functional fitness without impact to joints. Many people experience a meditative state doing Pilates. Pilates helps to build a strong core, correct posture, increase flexibility, improve balance, create ease of daily activities, increase strength at varying joint angles, and offers stability to the shoulder and hip joints among many other benefits. By working with E2’s experienced instructors, you’ll be guided through exercises that can be tailored for any fitness level. This class will use Pilates rings and balls to optimize calorie burn and strength training while focusing on centering and letting go of the day’s stresses.


TRX Cardio Circuit

We’re working up a sweat with this 30min cardio circuit that keeps you coming back for more. Develop that love-hate relationship with TRX as you use the suspension trainer in addition to other fun props to give you the ultimate full body workout. TRX offers low impact options that can be tailored to any fitness level, making this class fun for all ages and abilities.


Bootcamp Cardio Circuit

What can you do with 30min? In this class we’re pushing limits and
exploding into high intensity cardio bursts using full body circuits. This class is focused on revving your metabolism and kicking you out of your comfort zone. This class is what you need to kick that weight plateau to the curb! Expect a 400+ Calorie burn. What you put in is what you get out!


Personal Training

If you’re looking for a more one-on-one or smaller group approach, E2 offers sessions with several of their instructors. Our yoga instructors offer personal practices for seniors, athletes, meditation, prenatal, injury recovery and any other specialized attention you may need. Our fitness instructors offer single or paired sessions to help you reach any and all of your health goals whether that’s gaining muscle, losing weight or becoming a better athlete. We also offer small group meditation, fitness or yoga workshops for wedding parties,  birthdays, new moms, and sports teams.


The Balanced approach to fitness

Let us be your guides to your best self ” – Erin Maris