• Drinks are allowed in all rooms, though we discourage anything with sugar or that will leave sticky residue.
  • Eating is permitted in the staff lounge, member lounge, and if not fragrant, in the front of studio.
  • Please use hushed tones when yoga or acupuncture is in session.
  • Yoga door is closed when class is in session. Use discretion or ask the front desk if you can join yoga late.
  • Students leave their station as they found it. Wiped down and reset for the next class.
  • Both unisex bathrooms are open to men. The front shower is also open to men.
  • Phones must be on silent in yoga classes or left at the front of the studio. Phones may be left on vibrate in other classes.
  • Please keep the studio clean. If there is any type of significant mess, please alert an E2 staff member, we will take care of it.
  • There is no selling of outside studio or gym memberships to E2 members. Though networking between members is encouraged.
  • We love kids, but children are not allowed in the facility. Kids must be 13 years or older with adult waiver signature to participate in classes.
  • Bare feet are expected throughout the studio. Other options include toe socks or regular socks. WERQ classes are the only classes that allow shoes.
  • Shoes are left at the front of the studio, though you are welcome to bring your bag to class.
  • No smoking or vaping in the studio or the E2 parking lot.

The Balanced approach to fitness

Let us be your guides to your best self” – Erin Maris