By Team E2 | Published 12 August 2019

With only 1/3 of 2019 left, it is time to reboot, re-evaluate, and reset our eating habits as we finish up the summer season of fun, picnics, and family and friends gathering together. When it comes to eating, it is about eating smart and enjoying what you eat. Having balanced meals will make you feel great, rev your metabolism, boost your energy, and elevate your mood.

By using these six simple steps to success, we can begin to balance our mind and body. It’s liberating to eat what you love and still get the results you want.

  1. Temptation Proof your Pantry and Fridge

It is time to throw away all the treats and snacks you can’t resist eating: cookies, chips, soda, etc. Instead try to eat healthier alternatives such as, baked crackers, homemade popcorn, and nuts (in moderation).

  1. Practice Smart Shopping

This might sound like a no-brainer, but often times we end up at the grocery store purchasing unhealthy food items, usually when we go to the store hungry or without setting intentions. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and good-for-you snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Different snack options include dates stuffed with almonds or a slice of turkey jerky. It is important as well, to pick foods that still fill you up. Make sure you are buying enough protein options and good carbs in their natural form with lots of fiber.

  1. Shake Up Your Rules

Try dinner for breakfast; fuel your body with nutrients before you start your day versus when you go to sleep. And then downsize your dinner portions. Another idea is to only eat when the sun is up. This will let your body burn through fat faster!

  1. Embrace Meal Prepping

Use the weekend to plan what you would like to make for the upcoming week. Pick food that will still fill you up. Make vegetables the main focus of each meal (kale, broccoli, eggplant, etc.). Fill half of your plate with vegetables, a quarter with lean protein, and a quarter with fiber-rich carbs.

  1. Downsize on Portions

Utilizing your plates and bowls to control your portions is a clever way to limit yourself on how much you can eat. Some ideas include using salad plates as dinner plates and serving snacks in a teacup. Make sure you are conscious of how much you are eating. In other words, don’t open up a bag or box and eat straight out of it.

  1. Get to E2

Once you walk into E2, you will find the support you need to live in the body you love. Whole30 Challenge begins September 16th. Learn to reset and reboot your metabolism using Whole food. No gimmicks, no tricks. Fully supported with our nutrition coach and weekly meetings. It is included in your E2 Yoga and Fitness membership.


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