20lbs Down

20lbs Down

12.5lbs in four weeks through nutritional program

12lbs in four weeks through nutritional program

16lbs Down

50lbs Down


“I have been working out most of adult life, but was becoming routine and boring. My Life Coach suggested trying E2 and I absolutely love it! There are so many different classes and class sizes are small so there is a lot of individual attention. The workouts vary in intensity, but my Fit Bit said I burned over 1000 calories in the kickboxing class I took the other night!! Everyone there is extremely friendly with a kind of family atmosphere. I love it! Highly recommended!!”
– Steve B.

“For ANYONE – woman or man contemplating their health, considering joining a facility to start new behaviors – GO HERE! You will find a staff that is ALL OF THESE THINGS: accepting of where you are at, challenging you to reach for where you want to be AND INSURING you don’t hurt yourself in the process. They instruct, coach and care. So, whether you want to get back to optimal health or make a break of old habits that no longer serve you – E2 is that place!”
– Jenny O.

“E2 is my happy place! I am so grateful I found such an incredible hidden gem in Mequon. The classes are amazing. They truly balance the cardio, with yoga. barre, pilates, strength training, and even dance. It was on my bucket list to try a hip hop class. I saw WERQ on the schedule and I decided to give it a shot. I showed up by myself, full of nerves. Melissa immediately made me feel like I had made a new best friend. I had such a blast! Her confidence, yet still down to earth attitude, is so inspiring. I decided to bring a group of girlfriends with me the following week– and we have been going back every Tuesday ever since!!! I am forever now a WERQ girl and so grateful to E2 for providing me with a place that offers some of everything so that I don’t get burned out just doing ONE type of workout class all the time.”
– Jaime J.

“After a trial membership, I’ve found my wellness family! At the heart of E2 are the knowledgeable, motivating, encouraging and caring instructors whose clear mission is to get to know each member personally and help each one achieve their best, balanced self. They nurture the body, mind and soul by going out of their way to connect what you do in class with life outside the gym. This mindset carries through to the members as they connect and support one another in their individual wellness journeys. Friendship, support and positivity in action by all who enter the doors!”
– Julie B.

“I absolutely love this studio. I’m a workout junkie and this place has it all. Yoga and Pilates with Erin are the best classes that leave you feel balanced and relaxed yet strong. Kickboxing and HIIT workouts with Hannah are by far the hardest ones I have ever done! She pushes you to your limits and a little more. Aromatherapy yoga with Stacy is an awesome class that takes yoga to a whole new level. I have been working out with them for over a month and already see and feel the difference! I highly recommend equilibrium evolution!”
– Elena A.

“The space is amazing! The instructors are so knowledgeable and encouraging, but the best part is how genuine and kind the members are! Obviously, this is nurtured by the environment E2 has developed. Thank you for creating a healthy environment for your members to feel comfortable, and confident in as they pursue their fitness goals!”
– Kristina E

“If Nordstrom had a gym… this would be it! Erin is clearly a pro and after doing yoga off and for years, I took some great technical points/tips away… subtle shifts that made a big difference. Erin has a great way about her… she’s a dose of sunshine everyone needs. The place has a clean, pure, and balanced energy… just beautiful. Thank you Erin.”
– Meg D.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!! Filled with such a nice staff and great workouts!! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”
– Bianca S.

“Hannah and Erin are so motivating! They really took the time to get to know me and my goals. I appreciate everything they are helping me with. Every single time I go to E2 I know I’m going to get a great work out and leave feeling amazing!”
– Paige G.

“Love this place! Come here daily! Hannah and Erin are such good mentors and motivators! Love kickboxing and HIIT class! I feel good and look good all thanks to this gym and those ladies!!!”
– Emily K.

“The Kickboxing classes are great! I’ve done multiple workout DVDs all the way through and this still kicks my butt! It’s a lot of fun learning combo attacks on the punching bag and It works your entire body!”
– Pete S.

“E2 is not only a yoga studio where you go for excercise but you also find balance in mind and soul, joyfulness and relaxation when you are trained by energetic people like Erin. She is awesome!!!! I can’t wait to have a yoga class with her again.”
– Hue P.

“As a college student it can be hard to find time to workout. Before I came across E2, working out was usually the first activity I would say I didn’t have time for when my day was busy. After walking into the beautiful facility, with the warmest welcome from the owner, Erin, I knew I found more than just a place to workout. E2 is a family and feels like a second home. I did not just gain muscle and lose fat; I grew in mind, body, and spirit. It became a priority for me to workout every day, not just because I wanted to look better, but because it was fun! Now that I am back in Eau Claire for college, I joined a gym to stay active. I can truly say that the typical gym is not for me. I do not receive the same motivation, individualized workouts, and community as I do at E2. People at the gym do not know my name because they come and go without getting to know other members. E2 is not just a gym, it is a workout studio that is guiding you towards the best you can be-mind, body, and spirit.”
– Aimee M.

The Balanced approach to fitness

Let us be your guides to your best self” – Erin Maris