By Madi Niedfeldt | Published 15 October 2019

As a college student, it’s important to stay organized to succeed. Students are known to have a never-ending list of things to do and people to see. Between pressure to succeed, financial strain, and a demanding social life, it may seem impossible to slow the world down. Adding something else into your schedule might not appear to be the best solution to cope with stress, but blocking out the time for a consistent yoga practice can ease all your other worries, especially if you’re a college student. How? 

Yoga serves as a mind-body intervention for stress. It teaches us to become aware of our breathing and notice its patterns. Numerous studies have reported that pranayama, or breath control, training decreases nervous system activity which leads to mind-body relaxation. Sharing a living space is all but guaranteed to lead to some sort of conflict –– help yourself calm down before it starts through practicing your pranayama daily. Quick, uneven breaths might mean you’re about to encourage a conflict with your roommate, while using slow, controlled breaths could lead to a simple resolution. 

Yoga also improves concentration and memory through mindfulness and meditation. Consistently coming back to a calm mindspace teaches us to be still whether in a lecture hall, studying, or socializing. It allows us to be better listeners, learners, and friends. Improving focus and mental clarity can take only a few minutes a day. 

One study conducted in India even found that using yoga as an intervention leads to overall increased academic performance. Additionally, it improves self-confidence, teaches how to prioritize values, and encourages a balanced lifestyle. Could you imagine how much your college experience would improve with an extra sense of confidence before a presentation or the ability to calm yourself through breathing before a test? What if you could willingly choose to stop scrolling through your social media, or could guarantee you’d be a better listener and friend with a few minutes of mindfulness a day? 

With all this being said, the only question we have for you is: why wouldn’t you try yoga?

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